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Kevin Brenes Senior editor

Dell Cineplayer 3 is a full movie player, based in the Sonic Cineplayer dvd player but customized for Dell. It is able to play DVD's and VCD's.
You must be a Dell system owner with factory installed Dell Cineplayer 3 in order to use it.
It has all the features of any DVD player software but the main enhancement is the integration of InterActual content support (InterActual allows enhancements as interactive features present on-disc and on-line bonus features).

The DVD player can play these disc formats:

DVD Slide Show
VCD Slide Show

The Dell Cineplayer is controlled via your mouse, multimedia buttons and can also be used with your Dell Remote Control, the same way as your home entertainment DVD player.
You are able to configure your preferred settings like default language, subtitles and audio.
In general, is not different to others Sonic retail versions of movie players.
It can be used in Full window or windowed mode
It is important to download the latest patch for this version to resolve an issue appeared on December 2006, the patch is available on the dell support website.


  • Easy Interface
  • Controllable through keyboard, multimedia buttons or remote control
  • Supported Interactive Content
  • Integrated Help


  • Reserved for some Dell's customers
  • Regular sound reproduction.
  • A Bug will not let you play your movies if patched is not applied

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    I want Dell DVD player because it's working well.

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    Guest 6 years ago

    I did a reformat on my everything re-installed except Cline Player....I keep getting a messag that it needs framework 1.1 or higher to operate...I currently have franmework 3.0 with service pack one and I still can't get the Cline Player to install...I even went so far as to download framework 1.1 and still won't install. I'm very frustrated with this since I cannot get any help from Dell as to how to fix this!

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    Ravi Shankar 7 years ago

    Nice player for dell computers


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